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Variety Of Apartments In Kingsford Waterbay

Posted by pharmforall on

If you have made the decision to purchase a home in Hougang, you have probably already visited numerous times and fallen in love with the place. Some people live there all year round while others own vacation homes they enjoy during certain times. Condos for sale at Kingsford Waterbay vary wildly in price and amenities. When you start your search for a place to live here, you will have a multitude of choices.

Most of the people who live here love the water and all the activities they enjoy in and on it. This area is know for sport fishing. You may even catch a shark or two if you are lucky. It is also known for the wonderful fresh seafood that is in abundance. Swimming and taking long walks on the pristine white beaches are an everyday occurrence.

Some people think real estate in this location is not going to be something they can afford. This is not necessarily true. You can purchase a small condo with one bedroom and one bath here for just over two hundred thousand dollars. You may not live here full time, but use it as a weekend getaway. Most units in this price range are older construction, but many have been updated.

For about twice that amount of money, you might be able to purchase an older, three bedroom, two bath condominium. You probably won’t have ocean views, but there are sometimes properties located on salt water lagoons in this price range.


Buyers who are looking for Kingsford Waterbay condominium will find that there are sometimes small one bedroom, one bath condos right on the Atlantic. Some come fully furnished and have amenities like golf courses, gourmet dining, spa and fitness facilities. Some people purchase this kind of property to rent out. It will probably be a good investment opportunity. Because of the location, tenants are prepared to pay a substantial rent.

The fortunate ones who can afford to pay more than a million dollars for property should have a number of choices available. For a little less than two million, there are new construction residences that are spacious and have beach fronts and amazing ocean views. You might find something with three bedrooms and four baths at about eight hundred dollars a square foot. At this price, you will have plenty of amenities.

If you are dreaming about a penthouse on one of the islands and have around five million dollars to spend, there could be a condo for you to look at. It will probably boast oceanfront luxury accommodations with covered parking for multiple cars and several boat docks. Full time security, tennis courts, pools, and concierge service are not unusual amenities in these complexes.

This is a unique place to live or visit. Individuals who are devoted to an outdoor lifestyle and have the means to purchase real estate where there is no winter, will love the chance to spend their free time in this splendid Atlantic Ocean location.

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