I am writing this essay in hopes of receiving a scholarship to pursue a digital transcription certificate. This will allow me to return to the medical field I began my work career in along with the option to work from home or in a nearby medical facility. I have a diabetic husband who is also an amputee and a special needs daughter. Between them they have a lot of doctor appointments where I am required to write down and remember all that they need and what is best for their care. I also provide full time child care for an infant with glaucoma. Shortly after I got out of high school I went to work for the State of N.Y., Central New York Developmental Services Office, working with special needs individuals in a group home setting. This required a lot of note taking and documenting of their medical and physical needs. With this early beginning in the medical field and an ongoing immersion in current medical language, I feel this is an appropriate career choice at this stage of my life.

Far and away the best advantage of working in the MT industry will be the flexibility of being home. This will allow me to maintain the same level of stability of getting my children off the bus when school is over, and continue their structured routine that my daughter and son have come to expect by my being home. This has proven crucial to my daughter’s emotional growth. I will also be able to continue babysitting the infant with glaucoma and, with my increasing knowledge from the MT course I will be more efficient at helping the infant’s mother as she tries to navigate doctors’ notes and critical care instructions. Given the extenuating financial circumstances of my husband’s disability and the demands of my daughter’s care, it is imperative I contribute more effectively to the family’s economic stability as would be the case with employment in the medical industry. A return to full-time employment outside of the home is precluded by family needs and therefore this path, MT, appears to be the most adaptable to our circumstances.

With a passion for and having begun my career in the medical field these are just a few of the many benefits that will appear in my life. I have researched a lot of programs and at home courses over the past few months in a search to further my educational goals. I feel that training with Future MT will give me the flexibility and time needed to work on my skills. They appear to have the most affordable program that I’ve seen so far along with the schedule that I, as a busy wife and mother, can fit into a hectic daily routine. With my children and the infant I care for during the day, I need to be able to work at my own pace and in my own home where I can continue to give the level of care they have come accustomed to and deserve. With the advancement of new technologies and more interest in outsourcing medical records and transcription, it appears to be an opportune time to enter the field of MT. Immersion in a medical language education and keeping current with vocabulary and jargon will enhance my effectiveness as a parent and child care provider. As for where I want my education and career to go, it is apparent to me that my goal is to attend a reputable MT course. My second goal is to establish myself as a credible and reliable MT in the local medical community. Then as my reputation grows I want to expand my field of influence. Within 5 years I want to seek out other MT’s to build a small agency helping them get their start since my skill in running an effective home are immediately transferable to running a small business. Considering the amount of growth I could achieve with an MT agency, especially with the rate the medical field is growing along with the advances in technology, I can remain where I am needed here in my home working with and for the ones that matter most, my family.