I will begin by telling you how I came to work in the home atmosphere, back in mid 2006. I have always worked in a professional atmosphere, with my area of expertise surrounding the computer industry, primarily the software side. I received my college degree in 2001 for Database Development & Programming. The last career position I held in an office was for the Government of Ontario, Perth Care for Kids. I became pregnant with my second child and went on maternity leave. When my son turned one, and my leave ran out, I did not want to go back to work; my priorities seemed to have changed. I no longer wished to work in a stuffy office, where I had no flexibility in my schedule. I no longer wanted someone else to raise my children while I worked. I wanted to find an alternative means of paying the bills while keeping my family close. I found a position working from home doing lead generation. I still hold that position today.

In 2008 I got pregnant with my third child. This pregnancy was difficult; I had a condition called Cholestasis of Pregnancy. The bile acids build up in my body and slowly poison the baby, making still birth a great possibility. I was in and out of the hospital. I had some great doctors and support from all of the medical personnel that I dealt with. While the medical field was never one that I was too interested in prior, it started becoming the only industry I wished to hold a future in. I was so eager to find a way to stay at home and do something in the medical field. After much research, I found that audio transcription services in the medical field was what I was interested in. I feel that becoming a MT will give me the flexibility of staying at home, working my own hours, and having the ability to raise my children as I wish to. I can work with computers, as I have done my whole life. It will also allow me to work out of the home in a doctors office or hospital once my children are in school. I may even be able to begin my own transcription services down the road, after I have sufficient experience. It will give me the satisfaction of doing meaningful work in the medical field that helped me out so much in my time of need. Training with Future MT will allow me to study from home, in my own office, while being able to continue with my employment. This is a big “must” for my family. The employment search techniques, continuous resume distribution, employer lists, and many other job resources that Future MT provide will give me the confidence that when I graduate I will be successful. To summarize, I have an inner desire to work in the MT field offering transcription services, for the flexibility of training and working from home, spending time with my family, and the ability to keep growing in the field. After much research, I feel that Future MT is the school I would like to help me achieve that desire.