Real Estate Investment

There's been a continuing theory by many that investing in real estate has been "the best" investment that someone could make. The proponents cite the various reasons to concentrate on the property over other investments such as Safety, Income, Appreciation, Supply and Demand, and above all return on Investment. You can count on us for Commercial Realty Services of Long Island Inc, with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Most people who decide to invest in property focus primarily on residential properties that are 1 to 4 units. There are benefits in investing in single family houses but I need to provide some advantages of investing in commercial multifamily properties too. Let's compare the two choices.

Who Should Invest in Residential Real Estate

The obvious reason people decide to invest in single-family homes versus flat buildings is obvious. First, single-family houses are more easily available and many individuals are familiar with them. For the ordinary person owning the house, they live in are their best investment. This is the American dream. Therefore there's a big market for renters and buyers.

 The second reason people decide to invest in one to four unit houses is the price of entry. Before 2008 there were many applications to permit a property investor to buy the residential home with down payments of 20%, 10%, 5% or nothing.

Why Invest In Commercial Real Estate

If you have a long-term outlook on investing and you want income and appreciation now is a great time to invest in the commercial real estate. There have always been great financial opportunities investing in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties.