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Tips for Maximising the Advantages of Insulated Wall Panels

Posted by pharmforall on
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Insulated wall panels are slowly and increasingly gaining reception in residential and commercial construction, because of the many advantages that they offer. If you are thinking of giving the products a try, you will very well find that the investment will be worth it. And if you want to make the most out of the project, here are some pointers that you can consider.

Hire good help

One of the most important things to remember when undertaking construction projects with non-traditional materials such as SIPs is that good professional help is a must. There are many cases where doing it yourself is a good idea, especially since these panels have less stringent installation procedures, but entrusting the process to the experts is always better. Why? Professionals that have worked with ICFs and polystyrene wall claddings know how to navigate around specific conditions and situations that may detract from the resulting quality of the installation, if they are not handled well. Additionally, they have the experience that can help ease the whole process as well as cut costs.

Be inquisitive

It is also necessary to be proactive about asking questions and communicating concerns. Some think that as long as they have hired the right people to take care of the job, they can opt out of being personally around to oversee how it goes and what it delivers, but that’s not true. If you want to be fully prepared for what you will see during and after the installation of your insulated wall panels, you need to be communicative. Your installer, for their part, should be able to take care of your queries and concerns successfully.

Ensure proper practices

Finally, commit to employing recommended proper practices throughout the lifespan of the products. Maintenance, for example, must employ manufacturer-recommended measures so that you can make sure that the panels will be harnessed to their full functionality, without circumventing their specific design and engineering, and keeping within the product’s warranty. Additionally, if there are outstanding regulations that pertain to the application and installation of SIPs, you should make sure that your project heeds them. If you are not sure about how you can approach any of these, your installer should be able to guide you. In some cases, your installer may even take care of some of these aspects for you, since there are some companies that can take care of maintenance for their clients.