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Filtered Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fans

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“The Cube” 3-Filtered Wall Exhaust Fans. Completely Self Contained. More filtration area. Paint Booth. Sand-blasting dust control. Powder-coat dust. CJB Model CAF-920-2X-CUBE. Allergic Evidence and Non-Explosion Proof. CUBE Filtered Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fans (3-Filters)

8000 CFM with sterile Filters — 2-Horsepower CUBE Filtered Wall ‘Exhaust Paint Booth Fans’ (Also known as “พัดลมควบคุมการระบายอากาศแบบท่อไอเสีย” in the Thai language).

The”Cube” Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fan integrates a Bolt on filter-box, no need of extra support. It uses (3) MERV 8 rated filters, also transfers 8500 CFM with sterile Filters.

Gently slide set up without being forced to eliminate the filter box. A solid airflow goes throughout the filters at front and faces of the block. (throw away filters). Move higher amounts of atmosphere with a fan that is smaller.

Employing multiple Cube Fans might be utilized in a set of much bigger fans that want more technical installation and service. The Cube design Employs a Five-Bladed Adjustable Pitch Cast Aluminum Propeller for superior efficacy. 2-Horsepower Motor. Single Phase or Three Phase. Allergic Evidence. 25″ X25″ Suggested Rough-In. CARL J. BUSH COMPANY — USA. -LRB-248-RRB- 276-8400.

Diecast Aluminum Fan Propeller using Taper-Lock Bushing (INSERTED) (Top Quality)

  • Fan & Shutter Mounting Box
  • Aluminum Automatic Discharge Shutter
  • Exotic Protect
  • -Removable Filter-box (Bolton )
  • -(3) 2 4″ X 24″ X2″:
  • High-capacity, Pleated, MERV-8 ranked filters matches ASHRAE 52.2-1999
  • Five times more effective than fiberglass filters

50 percent greater surface area than normal power filters extending the support life by 30 percent and supplying reduced immunity

  • Filters are created out of 100% artificial media that forbid the fibers out of falling
  • UL course 2
  • CUBE Filtered Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fans.
  • Shipped completely assembled, Factory Tested.
  • CAPACITY: 8000 CFM w/Clean Filters
  • Fan Speed: 1725 RPM