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A Quick DHGate Review

Posted by pharmforall on
Business and Management

While there must be simply thousands of long and detailed DHGate reviews out there, I cannot see the harm in adding one more to that number.  In this post I intend to talk mainly about one thing – the slow delivery – which is the main negative to the otherwise very useful DHGate site.

Although DHGate has many positive features, such as low prices and a very wide range of products, the one thing that really puts people off buying through the popular marketplace is the fact that it can take as long as a month (sometimes even longer) to receive the goods.  There have been reports of many small packages going missing as well, in transit from China to the United States and Europe.

Even with 'ePacket' delivery selected, it can often take as many as 20 days to get an item through customs in the USA – and 40 days or more in place like the UK, France and Italy.

This is the main reason that DHGate continues to be less popular than it's rivals – sites like eBay and Amazon – which are able to dispatch products form warehouses around the world, not just in mainland China.

However, once DHGate has this issue fixed, the site could easily be as popular as rivals like eBay – prices are so low and the range of goods supplied is so vast that it's otherwise a great place to buy almost anything online.