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How to Select the Best Boarding Resort for Your Pet

Posted by pharmforall on
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Does this look like choosing a boarding kennel is like a trip down the yellow brick road? With all the pet boarding kennels popping up all over the place one starts to think “there is no place like home, there is no place like home". You can find the best dog day care in Tampa and Cat Boarding in Tampa for your pet.


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Many have attractive extras such as playgroups, pools, acupuncture, training and other extras. No matter the amenities, how cans one really know what's behind the curtain? If you're reading this report, you're most likely just like me.

For people like us, our pets are like our kids. We take the same care in assessing pet care as we do. When “no place like home" isn't possible, how can we be certain the pet care facility we pick will be a good one? With knowledge of the company and a passion for quality pet care, I offer a few suggestions that might help you evaluate boarding kennels.

First, is what you see, what you get? Or when you pull back the curtain, is there a surprise? Some facility managers are just prepared to show customers a “few" representative samples of the boarding kennel which are viewable from the lobby. That's a large red flag. But if you are fortunate enough to see the real boarding place, check out the following:

Does the noun smell like “dog"? Nowadays there are wonderful cleaning products on the marketplace which are designed to be safe for pets, the environment, and the employees. If the facility smells, chances are it isn't clean. The same as with people, cleanliness is vital to reducing the spread of germs and disease.